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Nutraceutical Supplements

Nature's First recognizes the need for wellness and nutritional products. In order to overcome the deficiencies in ones everyday food diet, Nature's First has developed a line of nutritional supplements.

Products include coconut water, Dietary Shakes and Powders that are Vitamin fortified to overcome the daily deficiencies.

Nature's First has developed a line of Nutraceutical Supplements to meet the customers needs for balanced weight loss and weight gain. It has also formulated vitamin fortified chocolate drink mixes that when added to milk give children their daily vitamins and minerals. Goodness that tastes great!

Coconut Water:

A nutritious, delicious, wonder of nature, taken from tender coconuts and offered to restore the natural isotonic electrolytes the body needs. Rich in potassium and sugar foods.

Diet Plus Weight Loss Powder Fortified With 21 Vitamins and Minerals:

A nutritious dietary supplement when taken twice a day with skim milk, gives you 100% of your daily requirements for protein, calcium and 21 vitamins and minerals.

Comp Plus High Protein Supplement Powder:

A supplement formulated to meet increased advanced needs for higher protein, calcium and vitamins.

Vitamin Plus Vitamin Fortified Chocolate Mix For Children:

A tasty drink mix formulated for children offering them their daily requirements of 21 vitamins, minerals and calcium when mixed with milk twice a day.